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The Welcome Meeting

Welcome to everyone!

We had some good food, saw some new faces and even managed to give some troubleshooting advice to a fellow FPV pilot! We had a great discussion on the current state of affairs, and our president Max had given a speech on our future projects.

Our media manager (and resident drone pilot) Wiktor troubleshooting a newcomer’s receiver issues.

What’s in store for the future?

Well, hopefully, more flying, events, socials and projects.

But what specifically?

We will continue to host regular flying sessions at Stepps once the Scottish weather turns for the better. This is the short term goal, but we’re feeling a bit more ambitious. We have plans on doing a group project, which means collectively getting together, butting heads and learning about RC whilst building something RC related. Be it a rover, plane, drone or ROV, we have great plans ahead.

Anyway, stay tuned to find out the plans that we have in store for the future!

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